Episode 1: Gerard de Vere - What is InsurTech?

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What is InsurTech?

Gerard de Vere

Gerard de Vere (@gdevere) is the co-founder and COO of Describe Data, a data analytics start-up which has developed a risk engine for complex insurance risks.

In this episode, Gerry defines InsurTech and talks about his journey from a working in some of the largest (re)insurers in the world to following his dream and co-founding an InsurTech startup.

Prior to joining Describe Data, Gerard spent many years building and managing technology platforms for major international banks, insurance and reinsurance companies. In 2016, he completed a post-grad with the Innovation Academy at University College Dublin. In 2017 he co-founded InsurTech Ireland, a community of insurance and technology professionals sharing ideas and knowledge about how technology is changing insurance.

Show Notes