Ian Curtin - The Future of Talent in Insurance


Ian Curtin

The Future of Talent in Insurance

Ian Curtin a Director of Human Capital at Deloitte Ireland

Ian has been working in strategic change and business transformation for the last 15 years. He advises clients on leadership, talent, digital enablement on the future of work. 

In 2018, Ian’s team released a report called the Future of Talent in Insurance.  The report emphasises that it’s vital that the insurance sector unlock the opportunities within its workforce. With the rise of automation, cognitive technology, and the 'gig economy', there is real opportunity to capitalise on developing skills that are unique to people and that can generate real value for businesses. 

Ian offers some great insights into:

  • Scarcity of talent and what to do about it.

  • What new skills should we be developing within our business

  • How to build future leaders, and

  • How to rethink your employee value proposition

You can download the Future of Talent in Insurance report by clicking here

If you have any questions for Ian, you can go to deloitte.ie/humancapital.