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Michael Crawford on The Bionic Underwriter

Episode Summary

Michael Crawford is the CEO and co-founder of Describe Data. Their mission is to empower the "bionic underwriters" of the future...

Episode Notes

Ten years ago, Michael Crawford started applying machine learning techniques to insurance problems. In 2018, he co-founded Describe Data. Describe Data’s goal is to use alternative data sources, machine learning and AI to understand insurance risks. Their mission is to enable the “bionic underwriters” of the future.

In the late 80s / early 90s, Michael was training to be an actuary. But something didn’t feel right to him and he decided to make a change. He ended up getting a contract with an IT department. Then another contract came along. Then another. All of a sudden Michael had an IT company and he has spent two decades working with software. Now he's back where it all began: working with numbers and data to solve insurance problems. He jokes that his former actuarial colleagues make fun of his career path but he says that he doesn’t care because he has always done something that he loves.