Episode 9: Nikolaus Sühr – InsurTech as a Service


Nikolaus Sühr

InsurTech as a Service

Nickolaus Sühr is the co-founder and CEO of KASKO.

Insurance runs in Nick’s blood. In Germany, his family’s business is a market leader in classic and premium car insurance. Given his background, it’s no surprise that Nick is passionate about how insurance is an enabler of personal and commercial enterprise. 

Nick went to university in the UK. Here he met his co-founder Matt Wardle but after graduation in 2008, Nick went back to Germany. It wasn’t until 2015 that the pair would reunite and start KASKO

KASKO provide insurers with an end-to-end modular platform that can bring new or existing products to the digital market in a quick and cost efficient way. In essence, they provide InsurTech as a Service