Episode 3: Stan Nazarenko of Piprate - What is Blockchain?

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Stan Nazarenko

What is Blockchain?

Stan Nazarenko (@kazarena) is the founder of Piprate (@pipratenow), a blockchain-based data exchange platform for the insurance industry. Piprate's blockchain-backed data wallets offer a more secure and efficient means of sharing data among parties in the insurance value chain.

Stan has 20 years experience in the insurance and investment management industries. Prior to starting Piprate, he worked at RenaissanceRe where he was Vice President of Risk Modelling Systems.

Stan is a co-founder of InsurTech Ireland, who have helped put this podcast together. InsurTech Ireland is an Irish community of insurance and technology industry professionals sharing ideas and knowledge about how technology is changing insurance.

Stan holds a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.